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TickerNameVolume IncreaseRelative StrengthPerf TodayPerf 1 WeekPerf 2 WeekPerf 1 MonthPerf 3 MonthPerf 6 Month3DER5DER
MCFContango Oil & Gas Company-21.19%76.71-0.79%0.46%-0.13%1.5%7.95%7.47%-0%-1.77%
GAGALe Gaga Holdings-21.97%75.710.81%0.54%-1.59%0.81%14.11%4.2%-7.64%5.91%
EVXEnvironment Index ETF Fund-77.36%72.20.66%1.82%1.18%1.38%5.34%1.15%0%0%

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